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When the flowers become stones

 Koper, 24th August 2016 –  we particpated at the Students' associaton of Koper traditional event  »Oživela ulica 2016«. Our workshop was entitled: "When flowers became stones." Flowers will soon be installed in the offices of the Students' associaton of Koper.



The workshop was attended by many big and small children, who decided to join us The flowers were constructed using the indirect method: first, a flower was drown on the solid cardboard. Then a construction nylon (transparent enough and thick enough) and a fiber glass mesh net for façade were put on the flower and fixed with the slivertape. A silicone adhesive was used for fixing the tiles on the net.

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  • ozivela_201605
  • ozivela_201607

Special thanks go to Emilia Kastelic, who stayed with us all day long, and last but not least all the small and large participants and Slovenia, Czech Republic, Macedonia ..



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 Foto: Maja Frencl Žvanut


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Oživela ulica 2016
Oživela ulica 2016 Maja Frencl Žvanut

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