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The tree of life in Koper

The mosaic was constructed at a workshop held at the event "Oživela ulica 2013" and Tal1t fair (both in Koper-Capodistria, Slovenia).


Tree of life is a common motif in various world theologies, mythologies, and philosophies. It alludes to the interconnectedness of all life on our planet and serves as a metaphor for common descent in the evolutionary sense [Wikipedia].

The trunk represents stability and security in our lives. The roots are connected to the Mother Nature and our ancestors. The treetop indicates our attitude towards growing and our interaction with the environment, which is represented as the background of the tree. The branches represent our flexibility in life situations, where suffering is just as important as pleasure.

The mosaic was designed by Maja & Boštjan in their home laboratory. The tree was constructed by Maja and Boštjan in their home laboratory, the background at the workshop. The participants of the workshop, i.e. big and small kids, brought plates, tiles, cups, which were magically recycled into the mosaic. Each piece represents one thought of a participant. Assembled together they make the background look vivid. Thanks to Živa, Mojca, Aleš, Mirela, Tanja, Urška's family and many other participants from Slovenia, Croatia, France, Austria and even Finland, the mosaic became a unique monument to Life.

Worskhop duration: 3 x 5 hours/Age of participants: 5 - approx. 50 yrs.

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