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Mornings in Koper

the initial purpose was to give our city of Koper a new light, a new morning, a new hope. The result was beyond our expectatives. As a college of ours said in his article, this project represents a broader concept that embodies the idea of socializing, learning, coexistence and understanding of the environment and the city we live in, with all its features and natural resources.


The mosaic combines the classical four elements: earth (γῆ), water (ὕδωρ), air (ἀήρ), and fire (πῦρ) in an early morning dance. The aim of this work is to remind our citizens that we live in a beautiful place, to wake them up to new ideas and new opportunities.


In this project Students' association of Koper, association Fontico, and association Tal1t joined together.Starrting with the mosaic "The most beautiful mornings in Koper" measuring 30 cm x 18 cm, a new morning was constructed by a group of brave volonteers, listed below in an alphabetical order: Martina Čavlek, Mojca Filipčič, Jaka Gantar, Matija Grlj, Kristina Maršič, Petra Oblak, Jelena Pehar, Miran Perič, Rok Petrič, Živa Pišot, Ida Ploh, Urška Skumavc, Roni Starc, Kristina Stibilj, Metka Šori, Adrijana Topolovec, Marija Ugovšek, Klemen Zonta, Nataša Zorc and Boštjan Žvanut, who mentored the group with the help of Maja Frencl. Thanks also to Sara Toškan, Andraž Hribovšek and Vojko Rotar for their support.  Finally, special thanks to the institutions and donators from Koper who supported us in the creation of this unique monument: Municipality of Koper, Luka Koper,Blaž Gantar,  Adriatic Slovenica,Banka Koper, Bife Museum, and University of Primorska.


Worskhop duration: 2 x 8 hours/Age of participants: 30 - approx. 60 yrs.


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