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Creation of the logo "PetKA" ("Gimme five")

On tuesday, 17 September 2015 we performed the 4-hour workshop in collaboration with "Dnevni center za otroke in mladostnike Koper" ("Day centre for children and adolescent Koper").


Initially, children got some information about the materials and started to work. A few times they left the workshop for the cake and bingo. However, they came back soon with the mouth full of cake and hands full of gifts. 

At the workshop, a mosaic, representing their logo was constructed. And what is most important, we had fun. Some children showed their talent and their aspiration for the creation.  

  • MOI_roj dan PetKA_01
  • MOI_roj dan PetKA_02
  • MOI_roj dan PetKA_03
  • MOI_roj dan PetKA_04
  • MOI_roj dan PetKA_05
  • MOI_roj dan PetKA_06
  • MOI_roj dan PetKA_07
  • MOI_roj dan PetKA_08
  • MOI_roj dan PetKA_09
  • MOI_roj dan PetKA_10
  • MOI_roj dan PetKA_11
  • MOI_roj dan PetKA_12
  • MOI_roj dan PetKA_13
  • MOI_roj dan PetKA_14
  • MOI_roj dan PetKA_15


The centre of Koper, especially Taverna,  always surprises usas ione beautiful and interesting location.



  • MOI_roj dan PetKA_17
  • MOI_roj dan PetKA_18
  • MOI_roj dan PetKA_19
  • MOI_roj dan PetKA_20
  • MOI_roj dan PetKA_21
  • MOI_roj dan PetKA_22
  • MOI_roj dan PetKA_23
  • MOI_roj dan PetKA_24
  • MOI_roj dan PetKA_25
  • MOI_roj dan PetKA_27


Thanks to "Day centre for children and adolescent Koper" for the invitation and Sara Toškan for the photos.

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