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This project took place in one kindergarden in Osijek, Croatia, in Spring 2014. The children with our help  constructed a  marvellous mosaic representing the kindergarten's logo, which is a little sparrow with a cap.

The project was performed with preschool children aged from 3 to 6 years. The aim was  to improve the children’s identification with their kindergarten. The edges of the mosaic were constructed previously in the home laboratory on the top surface of a small low-cost table. Furthermore, to simplify the construction process the tiles were cut in advance and stored in separate containers. The table with the logo was presented to the children as a new kind of colouring book. Children recognized the picture of the logo and easily compared and choose the right colours for the mosaic. Some basic rules were initially presented to the children along with the materials and tools. As expected, tools were extremely interesting for the boys, while girls payed more attention to the colours of the tiles. Cementitious adhesive was used as a glue and also as a grout. The adhesive was spreaded in phases, one for each part of the mosaic. Small groups of 5 children were placing and matching tiles inside the predefined edges. The groups rotated every 45 minutes, each group performing one phase. Every child had the opportunity to participate, even the smallest three-years-old boy who placed his tiles with the support of preschool teacher. Parents were also invited to participate in the creative play.  

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Children proudly introduced to their parents the rules of making mosaic and during the play some new ideas for home project  had arise. We were surprised how children think out-of-the-box when they place the pieces in the mosaic.



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In that period I finished my academic exchange in Osijek. Rapeseed was blooming and so do we.


Workshop duration: 4 hours. Age of the participants: from 3 do to 6 years.  

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