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Working from the Heart


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an infinite power ...


Many experts are looking for solutions for the current financial crisis. Dissatisfaction with work efficiency and results, the fear of being dismissed, expectations of other people, constant ringing of the phone. Your attention is distracted. All this leads to exhaustion and burnout.


A famous teacher of art therapy said once that things can be made easier if we do them from the heart. In that way an individual can accumulate each quant of energy from the universe, and send it effortlessly to the creation itself and further. This can be an artwork, program code line, a grape that was collected etc. The energy flows, the heart sings. Eight, ten, twelve, thousands hours of work … it is absolutely irrelevant.


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The mosaic was constucted with Maya during my stay at the Medical faculty of Osijek, Croatia, as a visiting professor. I saw the storks making the nest on the hospital's chimney with Love. 


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MOI, Spring 2014

Materials: Ceramic, Grout, Iveral

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