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The cyclist 50th birthday

... the bicycle coincidence 


According to Google, a coincidence is a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection. But what does a connection actually mean? Does it have to be explicit? To my knowledge, there are no explicit criteria to what coincidence is and what is not. 


In 2001 I started to work in a software engineering company. A mentor Andrija from Jelsa, Island of Hvar, Croatia was assigned to me. During this period I sold him a bike, which he brought it on the island. In 2013, I arrived for the first time in Osijek, where I met prof. Jerko, who was from the same village. Furthermore, Andrija's parents were his teachers in the primary school. Interestingly, prof. Jerko was a cycling enthusiast. In April 2014, I constructed this mosaic for prof. Jerko 50th birthday. Suddenly, I became aware of the Andrija' bike  and prof. Jerko mosaic. Two bikes, one real, another symbolic, for the Jelsans. Obviously I have to go there.


  • cycling50_03
  • cycling50_04
  • cycling50_05
  • cycling50_06


In that period I was still in Osijek. Croatia for my professor exchange. During our trips in Baranya region, we visited Pécs, Hungary, many times.  


  • cycling_01
  • cycling50_02


MOI, April 2014
Materials: Ceramic, Grout, Iveral

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