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Nowadays it is almost impossible to explain the importance of community to the people. Unfortunately, individualism as the moral stance, political philosophy, ideology, or social outlook that stresses 'the moral worth of the individual' [Wikipedia] is becoming an imperative.

For instance, right under my window there is a big roundabout. Many drivers using it fail to use the indicators (blinkers) to show when they will be exiting it. As a result, other drivers waste time unnecessarily, waiting to enter the roundabout. Why is it so difficult to use the indicators and do something for others as well as for our own security? Even a very small contribution by a large number of drivers can lead to a significant improvement in the speed and safety of the traffic. Similarly, an infinitesimally small contribution to the community, limited to the infinite number of possibilites where we can express it, can result in a great contribution to the community.


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February 2012 was very cold as the Bora blew for nearly three weeks. I spent a lot of time at home as the cold outside was unbearable. During this time I was thinking about the importance of connectedness and how it can be confirmed in many cases. On the other hand, it can also be denied when the person is not prepared to open his/her heart.

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MOI, February 2012

Materials: Ceramic, Grout, Wood

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