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Common Goal

two souls together towards the common objective...

A goal or objective is a personal or organizational desired end-point in some sort of assumed development [Wikipedia]. However, in a relationship it is often difficult to define common goals as partners often do not give nearly enough consideration to the other partner's goals and vice versa.

This MOI was developed for a couple, which asked me to construct this MOI in order to help them fulfil their life goal: open a therapheutic centre. Two souls have to face each other, join, and fulfil their objective. The objective should be clear and shine like the sun above in order to direct them toward the light even if it there is dark.

  • common_goal_01
  • common_goal_02
  • common_goal_03
  • common_goal_04
  • common_goal_05


In August 2011, during the construction of this MOI, I realised that scenes frequently present in my everyday life can affect the design of my mosaics. Obviously, they have influence also on my intentions.


  • common_goal_10
  • common_goal_11


MOI, August 2011 

Materials: Ceramic, Grout, Wood

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