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Awakening to the the rustle of morning stars

just listen ...

Sometimes we get lost in our everday lives, trying to live our life for someone else, for someone else's dreams. Unfortunately, we can loose our way in this chaos. Thank God though, there are many signals which remind us that there is something more behind the artificial curtain that blinds our sight to true reality, the true self.


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In his trilogy Transurfing Vadim Zeland uses the term 'The rustle of morning stars' to describe these signals. I perceive them as a very subtle voice that could be heard by the whole Universe if only we were to listen to them very carefully, without prejudice, without ego.

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I started to construct this mosaic on the island of  in Dalmatia, Croatia. I sat down in front of my tent and started to cut the tiles. Many people passed by, sat down nearby and observed the construction process. They didn't talk, they just sat close by. Maybe they heard the rustle ...


MOI: Summer, 2012

Materials: Ceramic, Grout, Iveral

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