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Sea like mirror

Calmness after the storm...


After the storm, the sea usually calms down. After a difficult period of life, all we need is calmness. But what sort of calmness?

This mosaic was a present for my PhD mentor, who was more than a mentor in this important and turbulent period of my life. When you give, you receive. Hence, my friends constructed me an excellent statue, which according to my knowledge is my first hero "under-bust" statue on the world.

  • sea_like_mirror_01
  • sea_like_mirror_02
  • sea_like_mirror_04
  • sea_like_mirror_06
  • sea_like_mirror_09

I expected that my life would be calm once I have finished my PhD. However, after this period I realized that the calm represented in the mosaic was an apparent calm before the real storm. This mosaic represents the duality between being calm and at the same time temperamental. So, be careul. When you look at it, you can see yourself reflected in it.


  • sea_like_mirror_03
  • sea_like_mirror_07
  • sea_like_mirror_08


MOI: May, 2009

Materials: Ceramic, Grout, Iveral

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