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Towards the sunshine...


I am going to admire the sunniest of flowers. I will admire a sunflower. I will not pick her up. I will just construct her, as hard as a stone, eternal. Neither storms nor ice can harm her. Let her shine.


The sunflower is a symbol of happiness, strength, and love for the Sun. It also symbolises spiritual faith. Just like we follow our belief systems, the sunflower always turns its face towards the sun to get the maximum of sun-rays.

  • sunflower_02
  • sunflower_03
  • sunflower_04
  • sunflower_07
  • sunflower_08


 This mosaic was constructed in the occasion of a birthday of one lady. The mosaic’s unfinished border symbolises a continuous following of our faith, where the path is more important than the goal.

  • sunflower_05
  • sunflower_06



MOI, Spring 2013
Materials: Ceramic, Grout, Iveral

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