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For the wedding anniversary ...

Milena in Bruno celebrated their golden wedding anniversary. How to immortalise what they have been through together?

There are many experts and  scientists who write about the importance of communication, mutual trust, respect ... but not so many talk  about the persistence or perseverance of partners. These are the qualities needed in a mosaicist when aseesmbing the pieces into a final artwork.  The  result is not visible until the end. In the porcess, the mosaicist may get cut, but that will not stop him or her from labouring until the whole image emerges.

The mosaicist is mindful throughout the entire process.


  • milena_bruno_04
  • milena_bruno_06
  • milena_bruno_07


The construction of the mosaic and marriage have a lot in common. The difference is perhaps, that the fuel for the mosaicist is the aspiration for making the artwork as best as possible, for the couple the aspiration is the desire for continuing/improving the relationship, the seek for the balance. 


  • milena_bruno_02
  • milena_bruno_03


MOI, Autumn, 2016 

Materials: Iveral, tiles, grout.

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