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Always the sun

... even if you think the opposite


I could write that the sun is an important source of energy, important for our life, it represents the inspiration for many artists ... I think it is not appropriate. The sun is a fact and I am going to write about the things as they are.


Years ago I was listening on the radio the song of Stranglers titled Always the Sun. When listening to the text I realised that the song is not an artefact representing a "creative emptiness" of the 80s and that the cynical expression of the singers hides something more. This song talks about the excessive power striving, e.g. the fun of the man with a gun, the politicians and the leaders, when the things they do ("by halves") are not funny. It talks about the reasons for our current political and spiritual situation.


The solution is not in the phrase "Everything will be fine". This is a lie, projected into the future. It focuses the individual from "here and now" in "someday". Mothers, usually in these situations give to their children some sweets in order to comfort them. Also adults do that as well. To find the sun even in these moments, to see the opportunity also in situations when the front, back and even fog lights are out of order is an art, a mastery.



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I received the inspiration for the mosaic in autumn 2015. I was listening many times to this song, I tried to explain its meaning. I saw it in the in ordinary things, people, events. I realised that sweets, cars, money and other material goods , cannot comfort us neither make us happy. We need something more. 


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MOI, december 2015
Materiali: tiles, grout, pizza plate 

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