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Sunday, 03 February 2013 15:36

Opening of the exhibition in Koper

Praetorian Pallace in Koper, Slovenia

3rd February 2013 was an important date for MOI. As described in "The inner truth" mosaic, the inner voice told me to present my art to the public.

Several persons helped me to organise this important event. I would like to thank: prof. dr. Julita Sansoni, prof. dr. Nadja Plazar, Lara Pirc, Ana Šalgaj, Sara Toškan, Živa Pišot, Aleš Bržan, Aleš Skok, Arjan Skok, dr. Cécil J.W. Meulenberg, Patrik Pucer, Rok Petrič, and Etien Šalgaj. The following organisations helped me to make this evening magic: Banka Koper, Advant, KŠOK, Softit, Vinakoper, Adriatic Slovenica. Thank you all for your donations. I would like to thank also my friend Martin Furlanič, MVisual, who designed the MOI brochure.


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  • _dsc2005

The event started with Arjan Skok on his classic guitar.After a brief introduction, carried out by Lara Pirc and Aleš Bržan, in which the non-conventionality of the Author was emphasised, Dr. Cécil J.W. Meulenberg presented his own song From shadow into light. This was followed by the presentations of prof. dr. Julita Sansoni and prof. dr. Nadja Plazar.


Boštjan Žvanut was introduced with Patrik Pucer on the guitar and dr. Cécil J.W. Meulenberg on the piano in the background. Suddenly, the lights went off. The 14 mosaics, covered by paper, were introduced in few sentences and illuminated one by one with the dive light. From shadow into light.


The presentation concluded with an enormous surprise. A big cake donated by LifeClass Hotels & Spa Portorož. Thanks to Maja Križmančič and also David Bais, who helped to cut the cake. The exhibition concluded with a beginning.


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  • _dsc2076
  • _dsc1999
  • _dsc2003
  • _dsc2081
  • _dsc2005
  • _dsc2014
  • _dsc2032
  • _dsc2056
  • _dsc2112
  • _dsc2129
  • _dsc2164
  • _dsc2138
  • _dsc2146
  • _dsc2172
  • _dsc2098
  • _dsc2090
  • _dsc2104
  • _dsc2087
  • _dsc2106
  • _dsc2109
  • _dsc2191
  • _dsc2192
  • _dsc2181
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