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Bostjan Zvanut

I started to construct mosaics in the 2004. In October, I went to for a journey to Udine, Italy. On the crossroad I saw the sign.


It was Spilimbergo, famous for their mosaics, and my inner voice whispered me to go there. After a walk around this beautiful town, I realized that mosaics will become my hobby. But I was wrong, as now they are an important part of my life. 


In December 2004, after a difficult period of my life, I realized that I have to somehow reassemble myself. In those days I went to the library and accidentally I found a book with detailed guidelines for the construction of mosaics. And voilà, my first mosaic was constructed.


I am interested in art, practicing Yoga since 2002, running, meditating, doing mountain tracking, swimming. As I am a curious person I always try to explain the facts, phenomena etc. from different (also nonconventional) points of view. This balances my mind and helps me to get through the life. Since there, I visited different courses and read many materials in order to improve my technique. I visited Ravenna and other cities, famous for their mosaics. I constructed many mosaics, which you can admire in the session gallery. 


In 2013, Maja entered in my life. For the first time on my first exhibition. This event represented a new beginning for Mosaics Of Intention, as a new component, i.e. workshops, emerged.


In my professional life I am an assistant professor, PhD in informatics and researcher in field of informatics. I like my job as I like to work with students and help them to acquire new knowledge. I am grateful to work with them.


Finally, I decided to offer you the MOI to help you. That’s my intention.




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